Endupack's Anti-slip sheet 

Protect your products with our Grip Sheets

Anti-slip sheet protected your products during the transport

Endupack offers anti-slip sheet made of recycled paper in several variations (Fully coated, alternate Stripes and Square Grip). The anti-slip solutions developed by Endupack are described below. Our unique Grip Sheet stabilizes layers of pallet by increasing the coefficient of friction. This offers greater stability, which decreases the number of damages and complaints.

Advantages of Anti-slip sheets

  • 1
    Increasing stability of the pallet
    Anti-friction gliss coating increases the coefficient of friction for our anti-slip sheets called Grip Sheets. With the benefits of this unique coating, the Grip Sheet can increase the stability of your products on the pallet, preventing major slides when a sudden turn is required in transit. An investment in our anti-slip sheets called Grip Sheets now means more protection for your products in shipment and a decrease in damages and complaints.
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    Economical and Ecological Savings
    The unique nature of the Grip Sheet allows for it to be used again and again without fear of wear, tear, or water damage. The anti-slip sheets 90gr/m2 Grip Sheet can easily replace a corrugated cardboard tie sheet without constantly purchasing new ones, and their slim nature allows greater bulk with less volume and more durability. The anti-slip sheets called Grip Sheet is also made from 100% recycled material, meaning its production had no negative effects on the environment. So now your company can reduce waste and space in your stock, while protecting the environment.
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    Security of your employees
    The higher stability offered by anti-slip sheets called Grip Sheets in palletized loads decreases damages and protects your employees during loading and unloading.
tie sheet with non-slip coating

Non-slip Solutions by Endupack

Grip Sheet fully coated

Our fully coated Grip Sheet is made from a form of recycled paper know as a testliner. The anti-friction gliss coating covers both sides of the sheet to ensure full distribution and surface coverage. Thanks to this unique coating, the paper is preserved, while increasing the friction of the sheet on the pallet and on your stock to keep your orders steady as they ship.

Available weights - 60g, 90g, 120g, 150g, 220g,240g and 300g

fully coated non-slip paper

Grip Sheet alternate stripes (light coating)

Our anti-slip sheet called Grip Sheet alternate stripes is also made from testliner. Much like our fully coated sheet, the anti-friction gliss coating is applied on both sides of the sheet, but in strips, rather than over the entire sheet. The gliss coating covers around 50% of the surface in total, giving you slip protection at a lower cost.

Available weights - 60g, 90g, 120g, 160g, 220g and 300g

fully coated non-slip paper

Square Grip 

Our anti-slip sheet called Square Grip is made from the recycled paper, testliner. The anti-friction gliss coating covers both sides of the sheet, and is distributed in square designs similar to a chessboard. These squares cover approximately 30% of the surface. The Square Grip is a low-cost alternative to the fully coated grip sheet.

Available weights - 60g, 90g, 120g, 160g, 220g and 300g


Clear Grip

The anti-slip sheet called Clear Grip is made from a polyester film, and is totally waterproof, transparent and washable. This unique non-slide sheet is ideal for products requiring very clean standards and is completely reusable.

Available weights - 70gr/m2  (50µ) and 105 gr/m2 (75µ) 


Our anti-slip sheet called GripPad Sheets are made from corrugated cardboard. The Anti-friction gliss coating covers the sheet from both sides, and is fully distributed or in alternate stripes pattern. This particular model is specially designed for heavy products. GripPad is used when you need a thick and strange product to carry uneven products.


Applications of our anti-slip sheet